Drivers for Web Camera from Kross (KR50WC) (installation CD)

I just purchased a small web camera from Kross (I think the model number is KR50WC). It was cheap and offered good characteristics. But when I tried to install it on my computer which is running on Windows 7, I had some problems because it does not recognize the drivers of this little web camera and, despite considerable research to find the support of the Kross company online to download drivers, I found nothing…

I ended up getting the small installation CD and I thought it would be charitable, because I am really not the only one looking for “drivers (or pilots) Web Camera Kross Vista Windows 7“and finding nothing, to share the contents of the installation CD to download with those who seek it, to properly install their web camera Kross with an operating system like Vista or Windows 7 (or maybe other versions of Windows, but I didn’t test it).

So here you can find the content of the installation CD to download:

- The manual of the Kross web camera (in pdf)

- The installation file that contains the drivers to install the web camera with Windows 7 or Vista (it may also works with windows 2000, XP and others, but I have not tested it yet. Please, comment this page if you try and it works, or not)

I hope this will help you and you will avoid searching the entire Internet! If this page was helpful for you, please add a link from a forum, a website, etc. Thank you!

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  • Amit

    Thank you very much for the driver. I was looking for a long time and searched a lot for it… finally this driver works. Yes, it works on WinXP too. There will be a warning and will ask for “Continue anyway”. Just say yes and it will be ready to go….

  • Daniel


    Thanks a ton for posting the manual and the driver on you Web page – I assume that these came with the camera itself and you just uploaded them, correct? Unfortunately (for me) I consistently get an error when running the Setup wizard on my Windows Vista 32 bit desktop – Access violation, so the program cannot continue and Web Cam doesn’t work. Do you know by chance of any other place that may contain an updated driver for KR50WC Kross camera model? Thanks!

  • Bob

    Yes Daniel, It comes from the installation CD of the camera. Unfortunately, I don’t know any other place where there is update for the drivers. The campany that sell camera seems to be invisible on the web. I don,t understand why it doesn’t work with your computer because it is suppose to work on win XP as well as with Win 7 64 bits, what I have. Good luck with your searches and tell us if you find anything.

  • Rene de Napoli

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you!!!
    Thank you!!! that was great!! thanks!!



    Thanks for this driver , I have the same webcam and missing my CD , changed my compu to LAPTOP and great source of info, and drive.
    Great for windows 7 works good for me.

  • sina

    Thank a lot

  • John R

    Thanks so much, I was having a aweful time trying to find a driver to work….bless you



  • math

    thanks for the help but it still doesnt work :(
    it says cannot create video capture filter

  • Bob

    I am sorry Math, but I can’t give more help on that subject. I am not an image processing expert… Good luck!

  • jim

    Thank you. I just got a new desktop computer and the old cam was not working. There is no way I knew where the disc was to re install the cam. googled and found this site. because of the good comments, I figured it was safe, not only that within a minute after downloading the cam is working just fine. thanks. Jim. Ottawa Canada

  • Bob W. Flaxton

    It is me pleasure Jim. I hoped it will be useful to post this information and, as I can see, it is!

  • bhavsar

    thank you so much for support

  • mayu

    thank u sir it’s work fine

  • R.Clarke

    Thanks a lot for this information and bless up you self.

  • Toronto DaD


  • waqar

    thanks a lot its work very good.

  • R. Stevens

    Thanks for guys like Bob W. Flaxton

  • Alexander Quaglia

    Thank you for your help. It works in Windows XP 2000 (as said by some other fortunate user). I want to thank the offer of the manual and the disk for the installation. It was a very good help!

  • Robert Que

    Thanking you for sharing this driver and manual. Amazing that Kross doesn’t have a download available and has an active website “Under Construction” .. for their drivers. Again, Kudos to you for sharing.